$CHTX SHO on DAO Maker: Participation Guide

On September 20–21, everyone will have a chance to buy $CHTX during the SHO on DAO Maker for the pre-listing price of 0.025 USD to use it within the cryptobank for getting early birds rewards, profit-making or simply hold until the price goes 🚀 It’s 3rd out of 4 Public Rounds of $CHTX Tokensale.

Chatex isn’t just another crypto project. We aim to make crypto available for everyone despite their experience and technical preferences. Operating as a Telegram bot, Chatex is a cryptobank fully functional on almost any device there is. Our services make profiting from crypto or just using it for their regular day-to-day operations easy and accessible.

To expand our services to lending, borrowing, and saving funds, we issue our own utility token — Chatex Coin or $CHTX. Holding $CHTX or using it within the Chatex Cryptobank will decrease the service fees or give you rewards in $CHTX. In other words, $CHTX makes any interaction with Chatex Cryptobank more profitable. More details are in our Tokenomics and Chatex Savings articles. The last month was full of exciting community events and team achievements — learn more about our progress by reading our Transparency Report.

Why DAO Maker?

So it’s only rational that you prepare for the $CHTX SHO on DAO Maker!

BTW, you can guess the $CHTX ATH after the exchange listing here and win $CHTX.

New DAO Pad Participation Conditions & $CHTX SHO Participation Rules

  • Starting from the 20th of September, there will be a new Tranche system implemented to distribute the chances for receiving an allocation (find the precise distribution below).
  • To participate in $CHTX SHO on DAO Maker you will have to stake 2,000+ DAO on any non-custodial Wallet for 10 days before the registration (preferably MetaMask, Exchange Wallets don’t count) OR you have to be holding from 500 to 1,999 DAO in Vault from before the 1st of September (such users receive “Early Adopter” status). The number of DAO tokens stacked on your account is called DAO Power. 1 DAO = 1 DAO Power.
  • DAO LP will provide 3x DAO Power moving forward. 1 DAO LP = 3 DAO Power.
  • A 10-day lockup of DAO tokens is required, according to the new set of DAO Maker SHO & IDO participation rules. All the following SHOs starting from the 20th of September will also require a 10-day DAO staking period for participation.
  • Users of the recently purchased DAO and are not staking the Vaults are required to hold a minimum of 2000 DAO for a period of 10 days or longer in their non-custodial Wallets to be eligible for SHO participation. Otherwise, they’re not allowed to participate in SHOs.
  • Any user can withdraw their funds from the Vaults to any other non-custodial Wallet and retain the status of a holder. Although, any transaction to the other wallet past the withdrawal will reverse the holding period back to day 0.

The new DAO Maker participation system

  • Tranche 1: 2,000–3,999 DAO (4.5x winning chance)
  • Tranche 2: 4,000–9,999 DAO (9.5x winning chance)
  • Tranche 3: 10,000+ DAO (24x winning chance)

The more you stake, the more chances you have to win a tokensale ticket.

The Individual Cap for $CHTX SHO: 5 Winning Tickets (five $100 tickets = $500)
*This is applicable only for $CHTX SHO

Total Raise for $CHTX SHO: $200,000

Token Price: $0.025

Tranche 0 has a winning chance of 1, meaning that Tranche 1 has a winning chance of 4.5, Tranche 2 has a winning chance of 9.5, and so on…

By winning an allocation, one’s winning chance gets reset to 1 for the next SHO.

Important Note: We understand that these rules are quite limiting, meaning that a huge part of our community wouldn’t be able to participate in this Public Round. The NEW rules were designed by the DAO Maker administration after the recent hack of their platform. They’re aimed at fighting multi-account participators and system hacks.

By circumstance, $CHTX SHO is in phase with the implementation of the new participation rules of DAO Pad. Despite our attempt to change the rules in the favor of our community, we were unable to do so.

🔥 But don’t be disappointed! There will be an inclusive tokensale event in a week, the last Public Tokensale Round, with much more democratic participation rules and the $100k $CHTX allocation! Also, there will be plenty of contests and challenges with prize pools in private allocations! The announcements are coming soon. Stay tuned!

How to contribute to the $CHTX SHO by winning the allocation?

1. Get a non-custodial Wallet. We strongly suggest Metamask, Exchange Wallets are not supported. You can also use Wallet Connect, but we recommend MetaMask as it’s universally accepted in the DeFi world;

2. Buy at least 2,000 DAO on an Exchange of your choice and transfer it to your Meta Mask ERC-20 Wallet. *Early Adopters can hold previously owned 500–1,999 DAO to participate in Tranche 0;

a) You can purchase DAO on centralized exchanges (KuCoin, Gate.io), on Uniswap, or directly with a bank card (ChangeNOW, Transac — careful about the fees, though). More info on how to buy DAO.

b) When buying DAO, make sure to provide your MetaMask wallet address for the coins to be sent there.

3. Create a BSC wallet on Metamask, here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

4. Buy from 100 to 500 BUSD (to cover from 1 to 5 winning tickets) on an Exchange of your preference and transfer it to your Metamask BSC Wallet;

a) You can buy BUSD on Binance, a centralized exchange, or on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap for ETH and Pancake Swap for BNB.

b) When buying BUSD and DAO, make sure to provide your MetaMask wallet address for the coins to be sent there.

5. Create a DAO Maker account or log in to your existing one;

6. Complete KYC on DAO Maker if you haven’t already done so. Follow the DAO Maker guideline to finish your KYC.

7. First, connect your MetaMask Ethereum Wallet to the DAO Pad Account to be able to participate in the lottery. Make sure that you hold enough DAO tokens corresponding to the target Tranche.

8. Complete the $CHTX SHO registration:

a) At 12:00 PM UTC on September 20, the registration period starts.

b) You will notice that the $CHTX SHO status on the main page changed to “Registration Open”. Click on “Research and Participate”. Then, on the project page, click on Participate and accept the SHO terms and conditions. If you have at least 2000 DAO on your connected wallet, you should have enough to participate. *Early Adopters can hold held 500–1,999 DAO to participate in Tranche 0;

c) Once you’re done, proceed with the next steps.

9. Wait for the SHO results and hope for the best 🤞!

10. By winning a ticket or a couple, complete a BUSD transaction from the BSC Wallet on DAO Maker:

a) First, you will need to complete a small transaction that will be sent back to you (approx $1).

b) By verifying your wallet, you will need to pay according to your prize (one Winning Ticket is $100 worth of $CHTX.

11. Receive your $CHTX to your MetaMask Wallet!!!

If you win a $CHTX allocation on DAO Pad and utilize it to buy tokens, you will receive the bought amount in portions, 15% in a while after IDO, and then once a quarter throughout the 19-month vesting period. See Token Distribution for details.

IMPORTANT: The winners will be granted 12 hours to make a transaction in BUSD on the BSC chain. Those who have missed their chance to transfer funds during the given 12 hours will be added to the Venture Yield Pot.

What is a Venture Yield Pot?

Stay up to date with our and DAO Maker’s news stream, the stated rules are subject to change. Good luck with the incoming tokensale!


COMMUNITY ROUND: https://chatex.typeform.com/community-round


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