$CHTX Transparency Report #1

SEED, Private and 2/4 Public Rounds Closed. Strategic Partners & Upcoming Events

12 min readSep 15, 2021


CHTX Transparency Report #1

Dear Chatex Community

A big thank you to every one of you who has gotten us to this point. Welcome to the 1st Transparency Report for the Chatex Cryptobank, bringing you the most straightforward finances right to your smartphone via the Telegram app. We do this because for any relationship to be successful, clear, and consistent, communication is crucial.

Transparency and clarity are core tenets from which Chatex operates. Therefore, we will provide transparency reports monthly that will include our current achievements and highlight the goals for the upcoming month. These reports will keep you up to date on every milestone achieved at Chatex so that you can always make informed decisions with all available information.

The previous month was full of meaningful events and crucial milestones reached. The 1st four funding rounds are sold out! The 1st SEED Round, the 1st Private Round, and two of the Chatex Public rounds have been successfully closed out quicker than anticipated. And it’s time to summarize what we’ve got till today.

Let’s get down to business!

Chatex Cryptobank August Roundup

Chatex Cryptobank has simplified traditional Crypto and DeFi and given you all the tools you need to participate in the most up-to-date financial ecosystem available on the market today. And all of that in a simple, secure and accessible manner.

Chatex Performance Results August/September
Chatex Performance Results August/September

The demand for DeFi tools to be simple and easy is apparent when you look at our results achieved during the previous month. The Chatex team is ecstatic to announce that:

  • Over 33,000 new users have joined Chatex in the last 30 days (a 10% increase in MoM)
  • Over 6,500 people have begun following Chatex Twitter
  • More than 7,500 users joined our Telegram Community
  • 1,200 people Participated in our Token Sale Robots Contest
  • We already completed 4 Founding Rounds including SEED, Private Sale, and 2 out of 4 Rounds of Public Sale
  • 9 Institutional Investors supported us during the SEED and Private Rounds, along with other, wise and influential private supporters.
  • 238 retail investors joined us during the 1st Public Sale Round held in the Chatex Bank. And 1,910 investors jumped into our family during the 2nd Public Sale Round held on Gate.io.
  • We already raised $2,275,000:

a) $180,000 at the SEED Round

b) $1,955,000 at the Private Round

c) $100,000 at the 1st (out of four) Public Round

d) $40,000 at the 2nd (out of four) Public Round

  • $305,000 is left for the upcoming two Public Rounds and one Community Round of the $CHTX Token Sales.

Chatex SEED Round Raises $180,000

The Chatex SEED round concluded by raising $180,000. This Round was by invitation only. At this stage, Chatex Cryptobank was supported by the closest partners and friends, who shared our ideas, vision, and belief in the necessity to make the Crypto and DeFi instruments simple and accessible for the global market. For the SEED investors, the lockup period is 15% at the TGE, and the quarterly vesting of 15%. The price in the SEED round was $0.02 per $CHTX token. We’re grateful to each early supporter. We won’t let you down!

Chatex Private Sale Raises $1,955,000

The Chatex Private Sale was a smashing success raising a whopping $1.955M at a $CHTX token price of $0.025 per $CHTX. Investors in the Chatex private round include institutional investors and individuals who will help facilitate the long-term growth of Chatex. During this round, we allowed investments from funds, KOLs, and individuals who will contribute expertise in some of the following areas, technology development, business development, marketing, and conquering new markets. Together we’ll make Chatex Cryptobank the leading global financial one-stop shop.

Institutional Investors in Chatex at Private Sale

Chatex Institutional Investors
Chatex Institutional Investors

Shima Capital, a leader in global investing, with a $100 billion fund grown from helping start-ups at every stage. The main focus is “cutting-edge blockchain start-ups.” Having the Chatex Cryptobank recognized as the cutting-edge finance tool it is, has humbled us and left us grateful with a bright outlook on the future.

Chain Financial’s mission is to connect blockchain and traditional financial markets while actively preventing crime in the sector, fostering collaboration between traditional and emerging markets, and ensuring products delivered to the public do things better. The synergy between Chain Financial and the core values of Chatex Cryptobank is unmatched; they share our core values of simplicity, access, and security.

Raptor Capital’s mission is to find the most disruptive innovative start-ups and help them grow into established heavy-hitting projects in crypto. We believe that the Chatex Cryptobank is poised to disrupt traditional finance by providing the tools needed to everyone globally, and to have Raptor back us up adds nothing but fuel to the fire.

AU21 Capital is a fund dedicated to backing the most brilliant minds in the blockchain space. Chatex Cryptobank, built to serve, is honored to have been added to the elite list of the brightest minds in the blockchain space. We are humbled.

Top Traders is one of the biggest Russian crypto trading communities. It was established in 2017 and they give authoritative objective insights and analytical data to their community of nearly 60,000 members. They are a trusted source for the Russian trading community and Chatex is delighted to have their full support in the Russian market.

Clever Capital is a Romanian-based company that excels at finding early technology pioneers and helping them realize international ambitions. They are known for identifying early ideas and taking them all the way to global markets. CEO Bianca Rusu is heavily connected to the German market which is a nation with one of the highest percentages of crypto adoption and awareness, which is perfect for the type of growth Chatex is aiming for.

XT Labs is the first-ever social-infused exchange. Their mission is to provide a bridge between traditional business models and more open distributed models, which directly aligns with the Chatex values with their DeFi products designed to create similar bridges between old and new.

Panony is an incubator, investor, and advisor for crypto projects that are focused on accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain by providing emerging technologies the knowledge they need to access global market resources. Panony is dominating the Chinese market, and see’s the cryptobank as a needed toolset for the people. This localized need paired with their established network will give Chatex far-reaching exposure in an underserved market. Chatex and Panony share a common vision and together we will grow Chatex from the 2nd largest to the largest cryptobank on Telegram.

Polygon #DeFiforAll fund has committed up to 2% of their total supply of MATIC to growing the next 1 million DeFi users. The protocols backed by this fund, such as Curve, and Aave have moved away from the typical whale-dominated farms. The result is small amounts of capital per user and many more users, which directly lines up with the Chatex mission to serve the people, and make all DeFi services simple, and accessible to everyone. Chatex is on the road to being a large contributor to the next million DeFi users, and with Polygon backing us, it only adds fuel to the fire!

#1 $CHTX Public Sale on Chatex Bot. Raised $100k on Own Platform

CHTX Public Round #1 on Chatext Cryptobank
$CHTX Public Round #1 on Chatext Cryptobank

It’s alive!!! The Chatex Bot proves the successful use case of the platform. Chatex investors could use the Chatex Bot to participate in the first-ever Chatex public Round of funding. We are currently considering launching an initial wallet offering (IWO), right in Telegram directed toward B2B clients. If you would like to see the IWO leave us a comment below or mention it in our Telegram, we’d love to hear from you.

This $100k allocation, for the first public round, may seem small in comparison but is the most significant for us. The speed at which it sold out (30 minutes) confirms the demand for the Chatex Bot and all the tools the Chatex team provides. Especially considering that the individual cap was $500, and the total number of participants was 238. Unfortunately, everyone who got in had to have the maximum amount, so we were unable to extend this Round, but there are a few more coming up.

You are not too late to participate in the last of the public Chatex funding rounds.

#2 $CHTX Public Sale: IEO on Gate.io. 3,623% Oversubscribed

CHTX Public Round #2 on Gate.io
$CHTX Public Round #2 on Gate.io
  1. The following Public Round was held on Gate.io, a top ten crypto exchange with authentic volume exceeding $800M daily, over 6 million users plus proven IEO algorithms. Gate.io was founded in 2013, began hosting IEOs in July 2019, they provide over 470 of the leading cryptocurrency pairs for trading. Gate serves over 150 countries and prides itself on being a one-stop shop for spot, margin trading, futures, perpetual contracts, staking, C2C loans, options, and DeFi.
  2. The $CHTX public sale was oversubscribed by over 3500% and 1,910 users locked up 724,650 DAO for 10 days valued at over $1.44M in order to participate.

Future Public Rounds for Chatex ($CHTX)

Don’t despair! There are two more public rounds, a community round, and the first CEX listing still to come.

Future Public Rounds of $CHTX Tokensale
Future Public Rounds of $CHTX Tokensale
  1. Next, DAO Maker is the epicenter of Retail Venture Capital, their platform offers venture funding in tiered risk levels, making it easier for a retail investor to enter the game. This is in direct alignment with the Chatex mission to provide equal access to all financial tools to all investors globally. Together we will get there. DAO Maker is the number 1 launchpad platform by average ROI. Their reputation is unmatched in the industry. History tells us that DAO incubated projects’ current average ROI is over x10! Don’t let anything get in your way, join us for your chance to get into the community round! Here is the Chatex Research Page on DAO Maker.
  2. Afterwards, we will host a token sale on one more launchpad. It will be announced soon.
  3. Then finally, a Community Round, where you can win a chance to participate with a $100 allocation. All you have to do is enter to be one of 50 people who will get the community allocation. The results will be announced prior to a CEX listing.

People just like you around the world have become Chatex users. Right now we have 350,000 registered users, using 169 local fiat currencies and 13 different cryptocurrencies. The last year has seen 240% trading volume growth, and 15.2% of the users are active with at least one transaction per month. In addition, Chatex users access banking tools right from their Telegram account, and hundreds of thousands are already doing so. The public sale was held using the Chatex bot, and that sold out within minutes too!

For a chance to participate, you must join the WHITELIST and for better chances of getting in, join our social media channels as well Telegram group, Twitter.

$CHTX Exchange Listing

Don’t worry; if you don’t win a spot in the community allocation, the next step is for the Chatex team to focus on listing the $CHTX token. Initially, the first $CHTX listing will come only one week after the final Public Round. After that, there will be several listings of the $CHTX token on CEXs and DEXs during the next 3 months.

$CHTX Listing on CEX
$CHTX Listing on CEX

The Official $CHTX Twitter is your source for listing announcements and other important events for the community. To be first to know about all $CHTX listings, follow our Twitter and turn the notifications on so you will be alerted in real-time.

Chatex Community Contests & Challenges

The Chatex community is active around the globe, and a lot is going on right now. So if you have not checked out the contests and challenges, find yours today!

Chatex Meme Contest — $2000 in $CHTX allocation for the community

$CHTX Meme Contest
$CHTX Meme Contest

🥇TIER 1 — $500 allocation


🥈TIER 2 — $400 allocation



🥉TIER 3 — $100 allocation








99 NFT Chatex Robots Challenge

We’ve challenged ourselves to create an entire metaverse built on top of the cryptobank. Starting from April 21st, we’ve released a total of 99 types of Chatex Robot NFTs, one per day. In addition to being visually stunning, each Robot NFT serves as a lottery ticket for a BRAND NEW TESLA Model S raffled among the NFT owners on the 9–10th of September. Terekhov Kirill — one of the participating digital artists — turned out to be the winner of a brand new Tesla!

Tesla Model S Raffle to the lucky #99_ROBOTS NFT Owner by Chatex
Tesla Model S Raffle to the lucky #99_ROBOTS NFT Owner by Chatex


$CHTX Token Sale Robots Contest
$CHTX Token Sale Robots Contest

The contest is held to celebrate the $CHTX token launch. Our team decided to raffle 6 NFT Robots from our 99 NFT ROBOTS collection among the most dedicated community members. This way, the participants have a chance to win a ~$300 (0.1 ETH) NFT for FREE. The more robots a user has on the 9th of September, the more chances of winning the grand prize of our previous contest, the Tesla Model S. Worth mentioning that half of the Chatex Tokensale Robots Contest winners have passed the Grand Finale of the Tesla Raffle.


Word on the street says a trading competition, an interactive airdrop, and a Telegram-based Contest are on the horizon, but to participate, you better get signed up for notifications on your channel of choice.

New Product Features Release, Early Access, Staking, Farming and Rewards for $CHTX Holders

We are so touched by the warm and friendly reception the Chatex Cryptobank has received that we are going to do something extra special for those of you who have joined us early. We will reward the community who has supported us from the beginning and reward those who are active users on the platform.

The first version of the Chatex Savings product is to be released shortly and published on Twitter first. In addition, original Chatex users will qualify for special rewards, also announced on Twitter. Finally, another allocation of rewards is reserved for our most active Chatex users. It is your input that helps us identify what is most important to our community.

The early access to the savings product will allow you to participate in the most cutting-edge tools the DeFi space has seen up to date. If you like to set the trends instead of following them, you can lead the pack by getting in early. Follow our Twitter with notifications on to always stay ahead of the rest.

Summing up

Chatex is here for the people. We have now grown to over 350,000 users on the platform, our social media have all increased, and 1200 people participated in the Robots contest. 1 lucky winner is the proud new owner of a Tesla Model S. Now, 4 founding rounds are complete, and 9 institutional investors are on board. Another 1900+ investors joined through Gate.io, and so far we have raised $2,275,000. The first public round was completed on our own platform, the Chatex Bot, and now we are even thinking of creating an IWO. The public round on Gate was oversubscribed by over 3500%, and there are still 2 public rounds remaining +1 round for the community. There are new products, features, and special rewards on the way!

We take finance seriously and are appalled by the level of service being offered by traditional banks. The Chatex Cryptobank is committed to our community and will continue to provide simple tools to our global user base that savvy investors deserve! You may have missed the last 3 rounds, but it’s not too late to get in before Chatex explodes. We are on the verge and invite you to join us now.


Chatex is here to make the entire DeFi world as simple, secure, and accessible for the global community as it can be.

Don’t miss out — stay tuned to our updates in our Telegram group and Twitter. Just join us, and be ready for some great stuff!

Join Chatex and enjoy Simple, Secure and Accessible DeFi solutions!




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