The First $CHTX Public Round Participation Guide

Exclusively held on the Chatex Cryptobank

3 min readAug 26, 2021


Congratulations! We are pleased to announce the first Public Round of $CHTX Tokensale held on our very own platform — Chatex Bot. Here you will learn how to manage to prepare your Chatex account in time before the tokensale. So let’s not waste any more time and get to the meat of it!

For starters, let’s refresh the token utilities. After that, $CHTX holders will be able to benefit from several features, exclusive only for them:

  • Early access to Chatex Savings before the official release — be one of the first to profit from DeFi in a couple of clicks
  • Ability to increase Savings APY % — boost your DeFi income by up to 25% APY by utilizing $CHTX
  • Discount on Trading Fees & Withdrawal Fees — trade with ease and efficiency
  • More benefits are to be announced on our Twitter and Telegram Channel!

Tokensale Details

Essentially, we have to familiarize you with the details of the upcoming event. Please note all the following details:

  • Fundraise: $100,000
  • Individual Cap: $500
  • Token Price: $0.025
  • Total Participants: 200
  • Lock-up: 15% unlocked at the TGE, 15% quarterly, and 10% the last quarter
  • Tokensale Type: First come, first serve

As you see, the first Public Round of the $CHTX Tokensale is quite limited. The total number of participants is limited to only 200, with a maximum capitalization of $500. Considering the described specifications, one must hurry up to get the $500 worth of $CHTX.

How To Buy $CHTX on Chatex Bot

Anyone can acquire $CHTX as easily as any other operation on our platform. A few clicks and the tokens are yours!

  • At 3 pm UTC, make sure to enter the Chatex bot chat and reopen the main menu. Then the $CHTX token will be a few button clicks away.
  • Make sure you pass the registration and verification in the Chatex cryptobank before the event in advance.
  • You should also deposit funds to your account in advance. For this round, we accept any stablecoins available in Chatex Cryptobank: USDT_TRC20, USDC_ERC20 and USDT_ERC20.

There are two options of how you can deposit stablecoins to your Chatex account:

  1. You can either directly deposit any of the mentioned stablecoins to the Chatex Cryptobank (Wallet => Deposit => Choose a currency to deposit)
  2. Purchase the stablecoins via any other cryptocurrency or fiat available on the Chatex Cryptobank (Exchange => Buy => Select what you want to buy => Choose the currency you want to buy)

$CHTX opens up numerous opportunities and services that will capture even more potential users. Explore the ways of earning $CHTX passively and experience exclusive benefits for token holders yourself.

The allocation is limited. Hurry up to join!

Check out the link, make sure you’re passed all the steps required for participation and don’t be late for the action!

We invite you to stay up to date with the latest $CHTX news by subscribing to our Telegram group, Twitter and Whitelist.




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