Win a Robot to Win a Tesla Model S

4 min readAug 20, 2021


To celebrate the incoming public rounds of the $CHTX Token Sale, the Chatex team has decided to raffle off six robots of the [CHATEX •·• ROBOTS] NFT collection, the starting cost for each is ~$300! The lucky winners will receive a character from our robotic metaverse and will have a chance to win a Tesla Model S. This means that it is now possible to become a Tesla owner without spending a dime.

So let’s dive into the rules of participation!

First, we will briefly describe the rules of the Tesla challenge to later switch to a deeper explanation of the Chatex TOKEN SALE ROBOTS CONTEST.

99 NFT ROBOTS CHALLENGE (featuring Tesla Model S as a grand prize)

The Chatex team has collaborated with various digital artists to create a unique collection of 99 NFT Robots. We have strived to create an entire metaverse free from gender, time, and space constraints. The verse is a collection of videos, pictures, and animations that reflect social issues, global events, and memes of the real world. Anyone is free to become a part of the project and is incentivized to do so by an opportunity to win a TESLA Model S! Learn more in the Artists’ Manifesto and the Challenge Concept.

Grand Prize — the New Tesla Model S

The 99 NFT ROBOTS collection was completed on July 29, 2021, meaning that the entire collection is completed and is now for sale on Rarible. To win a Tesla Model S, one must own at least 1 copy of 99 NFT ROBOTS at the time of the raffle — on September 9, 2021.

To increase the odds of winning Elon’s favorite eclectic car, a participant should acquire several unique CHATEX ROBOT NFTs. The more you own, the more chances you have for a new Tesla. Here is a “How to buy” guide.

The most persistent buyers will receive a bonus CHATEX ROBOT NFT for purchasing a total of 9 unique ROBOTS (a maximum amount that an individual could purchase). Read the Challenge Concept for further details.

Your Only Chance for a Tesla Without Spending a Dime

As mentioned above, in the celebration of the $CHTX and its upcoming Public Token Sale rounds on the DAO Maker platform and other platforms announced soon, we will raffle six (6) unique Robots from our unique 99 [CHATEX •·• ROBOTS] NFT collection. Each robot costs 0.099 ETH (~$300) on the preliminary market, granting guaranteed value for each winner. But the most important thing is that one of the Robot owners can win the Tesla Model S. The electric car will be raffled among all buyers who have (at the time of summarising on September 9, 2021) at least one copy of 99 NFT ROBOTS.

To participate in the contest, one must perform at least three easy actions. By completing all three, one can win an NFT for free, therefore participating in the raffle of the Tesla Model S.

There are also additional actions that maximize the chances of winning the NFT. The more entries you have, the higher your chances to win a robot to win the Tesla.

The contest will end on the 7th of September. So, the most active Chatex supporters and contest participants will have enough time to earn enough entries and increase their chances to win.

Rules & Conditions for Participation

To participate in the Contest of 6 unique Robots from the 99 NFT ROBOTS Сollection, follow this page, register and perform tasks.

All the participants must perform the following actions:

To increase the odds of winning a $300* NFT, you can perform the additional actions:

Every action you complete must be registered via the form to claim your rights for the robots and then, finally, the grand prize! Therefore, filling in the form to register your completed actions is required and is the only way to officially participate in our contest and reserve a chance to win one of our precious NFTs!

Good luck!

Stay informed about our incoming SEED SHO on DAO Maker and other Public Rounds! Learn more about the incoming Token Sale and join The Whitelist!

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