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The Chate Cryptobank Tokenomics
The Chate Cryptobank Tokenomics

The Chatex Cryptobank is a Telegram-based cryptocurrency application used by over 325,000 people worldwide with over $165 million in total turnover. With our upcoming token sale, we aim to provide global cryptocurrency users with a highly convenient and robust way to manage their assets and participate in DeFi.

Using the Chatex Crypto bank, anyone can buy, sell, transfer, and invest their cryptocurrency through the comfort of a messenger app in a simple, accessible and secure manner. With our upcoming IDO set to take place on the 27th of August. Chatex will be heavily scaled and linking CeFi & DeFi to provide our existing and new users with simple access to a full-suite of DeFi solutions for savings, borrowing, lending, and instant asset management.

Participants of the Chatex IDO will obtain the $CHTX utility token and utilize all of the Cryptobank’s current and planned DeFi functionality with added benefits.

The $CHTX Utility Token: Versatile Use Cases & Brief Overview

When holders utilize the $CHTX token as designed, they will reap all the benefits of their interaction with Chatex Cryptobank functionality and future planned DeFi related releases.

The $CHTX Utility Token: Versatile Use Cases
Versatile Use Cases of the $CHTX Token

Given the accessibility and ease of use of our Cryptobank, the scaling of operations we will be able to achieve thanks to our IDO, and to Telegram’s existing user base of over 500 million users, the $CHTX token use cases were designed to be attractive to both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts who are involved with various aspects of DeFi like yield farming, lending, and governance.

Chatex Demand Generation Graph

Demand for the token and the utility it provides is expected to increase in parallel as new users join the Chatex Cryptobank.

  • Increase Deposit APY

$CHTX token holders will receive a higher APY on their deposits held in Chatex Savings. The increased APY is because the Chatex Cryptobank utilizes a proprietary backbone to provide its users and $CHTX holders with the most efficient combination of strategies to obtain the best APY rates.

  • Increase farming APY

$CHTX token holders will receive an increased farming APY. In addition the Chatex Cryptobank will be integrating with major DeFi ecosystems such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the Huobi Eco Chain to provide its users with convenient access to the most popular DeFi lending, borrowing, swapping, and staking protocols.

  • In-App governance

$CHTX token holders will be granted the power to participate in Chatex Governance and vote on implementing new Chatex features and listings for the $CHTX token.

  • Discount on trading & withdrawal fees

Token holders will be able to use their $CHTX tokens to pay reduced fees when buying, selling, making purchases using crypto, and allocating funds to various Chatex products.

  • Referral system Incentives

Chatex Cryptobank users who are $CHTX token holders will receive increased referral rewards in the amount of X for new users that they refer to Chatex.

Key Features of the Chatex Cyrptobank

The Chatex Cryptobank currently has two core products, the Chatex Smart Wallet and the Chatex P2P exchange. They play a crucial role and are used to Buy/Sell, trade, Store, and send cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies quickly and safely. In addition, our team of over 40 high-skilled experts is also building B2B products such as Chatex Pay, which will help bank the unbanked and allow merchants to accept payments for their goods and services in crypto.

  • Store

Using Chatex, individuals can store their funds without leaving Telegram, which is extremely safe. The messaging platform is renowned for its immunity to hacker attempts and even government regulators. Additionally, the Chatex telegram bot offers users 2FA and PIN code functionality for added fund security. Just like with your traditional bank cards. The store functionality of Chatex is trusted and popular amongst those who prefer to store their crypto away and hodl it without having to follow the market.

  • Send

Chatex users can transfer money amongst themselves instantly and free of charge. Users can send money to friends & family, check their holdings, or even convert and withdraw money into local fiat currencies whenever and wherever straight from Telegram. In addition, students and ex-pats working abroad can use the Moneylink functionality to transfer crypto funds via e-mail or mobile number. This can save on remittance fees that are charged by legacy financial systems of up to 10%.

  • Buy / Sell

Users can buy or sell their cryptocurrency for any local fiat currency and even trade their gift cards or in-game items. Creating an offer or posting a trade advertisement is easy. Your fund security is guaranteed by our Escrow and reputation systems.

  • Exchange

Easily manage your portfolio and swap coins and tokens instantly using our unique any-to-any exchange. This Chatex feature completely removes the need for you to have to shuffle through multiple exchange wallets and accounts. It’s a commonly used feature by those who are familiar with P2P transactions.

Our hidden gems are coming soon…

As we prepare for the $CHTX IDO and continue to build the world’s most accessible crypto bank, we will implement the Chatex Savings and Collateral borrowing as part of our DeFi suite and essential products. They will be backed by leading DeFi technology from the market’s various ecosystems, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, and others with whom Chatex will integrate.

  • Chatex Savings (Coming in Q4 of 2021)

Make your money make you more! Our upcoming Chatex Savings feature will let you earn a passive income on your crypto. For example, imagine coming to the Chatex Exchange with an in-game item or some fiat currency, exchanging that for USDT, and allocating it into Chatex savings to accrue interest. $CHTX holders earn even more.

  • Chatex Borrow (Coming in Q4 of 2021)

Need cash now but don’t want to sell your crypto? This feature will make Chatex function like a full-fledged crypto bank. Users will be able to obtain flexible loans that are repayable in stablecoins or $CHTX for lower interest rates.

How the $CHTX Token Works

Below is a brief scheme and overview of how the $CHTX token can be used by holders.

How the CHTX Token Works
How the $CHTX Token Works

$CHTX tokens provide utility in virtually all of one’s interactions with the Chatex Cryptobank and its products. For example, $CHTX tokens can be used for paying lower fees related to buying, selling, withdrawing, paying interest on loans, and allocating funds to various DeFi products.

Users can receive interest most easily and simply in $CHTX. The interest comes from DeFi products which are usually very difficult to use without having technical expertise. However, with the Chartext Cryptobank, participating in DeFi products comes with no entry barriers. In addition, users can earn referral rebates in $CHTX tokens which are distributed.

$CHTX Tokenomics (Main Metrics)

$CHTX Tokenomics: Main Metrics

Token liquidity support: 33.3% of all fees generated through Chatex Cryptobank activities will be used to repurchase and burn $CHTX until 50% of the total emitted $CHTX supply is burned.

A Brief Overview of $CHTX Token Distribution

The $CHTX token is an ERC-20 utility token that will deploy its smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain with a total supply of 500,000,000. Users can store $CHTX tokens within the Chatex Cryptobank or any other cryptocurrency wallet that supports tokens of the ERC-20 standard.

$CHTX Token Distribution
  • Ecosystem incentives: 27%
  • Private round: 18.2%
  • Liquidity support: 15%
  • Team: 15%
  • Marketing: 15%:
  • Partners & Advisors: 8%
  • Seed round: 1.8%

$CHTX Token Release Schedule (Vesting)

Below is a brief overview of the $CHTX token vesting schedule. A portion of the $CHTX related to the seed & private rounds, liquidity support, and ecosystem incentives will be unlocked immediately following the IDO. The entire unlock process is set to take place over 47 months. The exact dates for the Token unlock, and other essential details will be shared following the last sale round of the $CHTX IDO.

$CHTX Token Release Schedule (Vesting)
$CHTX Token Release Schedule (Vesting)
  • Seed round: 15% unlocked at IDO, 15% quarterly.
  • Private round: 15% unlocked at IDO, 15% quarterly.
  • Liquidity support: 15% unlocked at IDO, 15% quarterly.
  • Ecosystem incentives: 8% unlocked at IDO, 2% monthly.
  • Team: 12-month lockup, 15% quarterly.
  • Partners & Advisors: 12-month lockup, 15% quarterly.
  • Marketing: 1-month lockup, 5% quarterly during 1st year, 20% quarterly 2nd year.


Thanks to our existing set of solutions used by an active user base and the $CHTX token sale, anyone from the world over will be able to easily and securely participate and enjoy the benefits that bridging CeFi and DeFi has to offer via the Chatex Cryptobank.

About Chatex

Chatex is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency wallet and P2P in-app Telegram exchange. The product falls into three quickly growing and demanded niches: messengers, crypto, and DeFi.

Since launching in 2017 with a mission to provide millions of people around the world with easy and secure access to cryptocurrencies, we have serviced over 325,000 users, handled over $165 million in trade volume, launched support for 169 fiat currencies, and demonstrated 240% trading volume and annual growth.

Chatex and $CHTX are here to make the world of DeFi as simple, secure, and accessible for the global community as can be!

We invite you to stay updated with our $CHTX IDO by subscribing to our Telegram group and Twitter.

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