$CHTX SHO on DAO Maker: Participation Guide

Why DAO Maker?

New DAO Pad Participation Conditions & $CHTX SHO Participation Rules

  • Starting from the 8th of November, there will be a new Tranche system implemented to distribute the chances for receiving an allocation (find the precise distribution below).
  • To participate in $CHTX SHO on DAO Maker you will have to stake 2,000+ DAO on any non-custodial Wallet for 15 days before the registration (preferably MetaMask, Exchange Wallets don’t count) OR you have to be holding from 500 to 1,999 DAO in Vault from before the 1st of September (such users receive “Early Adopter” status). The number of DAO tokens stacked on your account is called DAO Power. 1 DAO = 1 DAO Power.
  • DAO LP will provide 1.5x DAO Power moving forward. 1 DAO in the LP = 1.5 DAO Power.
  • A 15-day lockup of DAO tokens is required, according to the new set of DAO Maker SHO & IDO participation rules.
  • Nevertheless, there’s an option of skipping the lockup period by using the “Instant Upgrade” feature. By using this feature you buy DAO directly from DAO Maker and receive it 15 days later to your non-custodial wallet.
  • Users that have recently purchased 2000+ DAO keeping it on their non-custodial wallets don’t need to stake it in the Vaults but are required to hold for a minimum of 15 days to be eligible for SHO participation. Otherwise, they’re not allowed to participate in DAO Maker’s SHOs.
  • Any transaction to the other wallet past will reverse the holding period back to day 0.

The new DAO Maker participation system

  • Tranche 0:
    500–1,999 DAO “Early Adopters” — Winning Chance Multiplier 1x
  • Tranche 1:
    2,000–3,999 DAO “Entry Tranche” — Winning Chance Multiplier 4.67x
  • Tranche 2:
    4,000–9,999 DAO — Winning Chance Multiplier 9.76x
  • Tranche 3:
    10,000+ DAO — Winning Chance Multiplier 26x
  • Tranche 4:
    25,000+ DAO — Winning Chance Multiplier 69.5x
  • Tranche 5:
    50,000+ DAO — Winning Chance Multiplier 149x

How to contribute to the $CHTX SHO by winning the allocation?

What is a Venture Yield Pot?




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