The Founder’s Story

Solving Financial Problems Efficiently in a Simple Way

Meet the Chatex Founder — Vlad Bulochnikov, and His Story!

Vladislav Bulochnikov, one of the Chatex founders, plunged into the cryptocurrency industry several years ago. Before diving into all the industry intricacies, he was engaged in the development of banking software, billing systems, a back office for VISA/MC cards at TSYS Inc, payment systems for payment terminals.

First Vlad’s Interaction With Cryptocurrency Community

Back then Vlad and his partner owned a payment terminal network. Also at that time, the first offline crypto communities began to appear in Moscow. Vlad was interested in this and he began to immerse himself more deeply into the topic. He was fascinated by the drive and attitude of people broadcasting from the stage that Bitcoin is a breakthrough phenomenon.

The Main Idea Behind Chatex: Crypto is complicated, Chatex is not

Nevertheless, a string of certain events have planted a seed in Vlad’s head that will slowly lead crypto to gradual mass adoption. For instance, Vlad had a friend periodically sending money to his son, who was studying in Canada. To make a transfer, he had to go to Western Union’s office and send money through its system. It was exhausting for him due to the time-consuming nature of the process that demanded physical interaction with the intermediary. Therefore, Vlad suggested making a crypto transfer instead. Vlad sold some BTC over the counter for cash and delivered the BTC to his son’s crypto wallet in Canada bypassing all the fees. From Spain to Canada, the two friends had figured out a way to pay for school abroad. And this way required less time and effort. Eventually, crypto related fees were much lower than ones associated with international transfer.

Chatex as a messenger bot: the relevance and efficiency of messenger bots

Another case helped Vlad to solve the problem of mass adoption and simplify the process of conducting crypto transactions. Another Chatex founder and good friend of Vlad moved to Moscow. He made an internal product for Sberbank — a chat bot. This friend shared his experience with Vlad, while Vlad told the guy about crypto. And then Vlad came up with the idea that it was necessary to unite two technologies to finally simplify the use of cryptocurrencies for an ordinary person.

Social banking changes everything

“Around the same time, I came across an article that described the concept of social banking, as a step in the development of Digital Banking. Then I came across an analytical article claiming that about 86% of millennials and buzzers prefer messaging as a form of customer service consumption,” Vlad recalled.

The Innovation of the Chatbot Technology

Chatbot technology itself has evolved so much that it is no different from an application experience. A chatbot allows users to send or receive text messages, audio files, videos, and geolocations. A wide variety of information can be processed in the form of text, buttons, graphics, or sounds. This means that, in theory, you can take any existing web service and import it as a chatbot.

Whom and How Would the Founder Want to Help With Chatex?

By analyzing demand and realizing the full potential of crypto and chatbots, the general concept of the future product began to emerge. It appeared logical to try to update retail financial products and services available at conventional banks with crypto.

The Perfect Solution

The Chatex team started their journey to develop a cryptobank by creating one of the most accessible cryptocurrency wallets — Smart Wallet. At the time, everyone was already used to transferring money by phone number but not crypto…

Centralization Isn’t the Way Out

The Chatex team quickly realized that issuing debit cards was the wrong path, since it was still some kind of centralization. In addition, at that time, Bitcoin was presented as a kind of replacement for banking services. Another important factor was the issue of the availability of quasi banking services to people who previously did not have access to financial services.

Chatex’s Path to Success

This is how Chatex came to be a P2P exchange. It all started from the release of the P2P Crypto-Fiat Exchange and Multicurrency Smart Wallet features in the Russian crypto community. During 2018, Chatex’s first year in operation, the project managed to pull together 5,000 active users.


Now, Chatex is a rapidly growing Cryptobank where you can safely store, sell and transfer your crypto assets. Shortly, Chatex users will also be able to save up, borrow and spend funds. The new products that Chatex are about to implement will mark another milestone in Chatex’s evolution as an affordable and easy-to-use tool.



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