Success Story #2: Chatex’s Crypto Queen Lilaut34

Who said cryptocurrencies are not for girls? Today I will share a new success story that the trader of my p2p platform Lilaut34 told me. Yes, there are girls among us, and this is amazing!

The beginning of a crypto journey

The story of the young lady began in February 2020. Her colleague explained how to earn about $150 per month as a passive income. “At first, I thought it was some kind of stupidity. It would never be worth it, but my husband supported the idea and gave me some bitcoins. So, that’s how it all started — with $150 in bitcoins”, the girl recalls.

In a week, the girl earned about $70 on p2p trading that, naturally, has only made her more interested in it. “Gradually, I began to invest all my cash. I created a client base of loyal sellers and buyers who eventually became my good and reliable friends”, said the trader.

First failures

Having been diving deeper into the market, Lilaut34 always followed fair rivalry and trading strategy. But, unfortunately, sometimes the young lady ran into fraudsters who managed to swindle her for money.

Nevertheless, Lilaut34 perceived deception as an experience. Here is what she advises to the newcomers: “Such people will always be punished by the support team. Therefore, you should not take things personally”. “Now I would like to say thanks to those buyers and sellers who work with me. You have made the right choice”, adds the girl.


Until recently, the girl did not suspect that she was in the top list of the best Chatex traders until she talked with the Chatex founder Vladislav Bulochnikov. Vladislav said that all the Chatex team is pleased that the lady has chosen and is still choosing Chatex. To date, Lilaut34 has more than 3200 completed deals and 330 reviews!

Do you have such a success story? Share it with us: contact my admin on Telegram (@Chatex_admin) and tell us about your incredible journey in the crypto world!

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