How the 99 NFT Chatex Robots Came to Be

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The NFT market is snowballing, drawing the attention of art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and artists, as well as ordinary people interested in non-standard investments and the purchase of valuable objects. Nevertheless, only a few brands have achieved success and recognition in this area so far. “99 NFT Chatex Robots” has gone through a thorny path from an ordinary prototype to a recognizable and respectable project in the community.

How to become a well-known NFT brand in record time? Take a page out of history, and create an investment proposal comparable to purchasing drawings by none other than the late great Walt Disney from the 1930s, gain recognition in the art community, and become a part of the development of digital art, read in our article.

Initial Concept

The Chatex cryptobank supports all development directions of the crypto community. Chatex is at the forefront of the DeFi movement, and NFTs are the newest emergence of tech in the space. To demonstrate to the Chatex community and the world in general, the team could think of no better visual representation than to take their beloved Chatex robot and turn it into an NFT to increase recognition of Chatex in the broader community. Through this effort, Chatex supports the NFT market as a whole, which puts Chatex in a primary position to lead in the cryptoart arena with their already well-known brand.

The team created the Chatex Robot during its foundational stage. So it made sense to make the Robot the centerpiece of the 99 NFT Chatex Robots project. Users already identify the Robot as part of the Chatex brand. What better way to interact with our users than to provide them with robot artworks inspired by our symbol. Partnering with groundbreaking artists aligns Chatex as the trendsetter we are, and demonstrates to the community just how cool the cryptobank is and represents how diverse our global user base is.

The colors are embedded into the brand’s DNA White — user, black — trader, blue — support team.

Why 99?

Double-digits are a definite indication of scarcity; less than 100 of anything in the world is something special. The number 99, famous in marketing, so using 99 as a reference to pay homage to marketing tactics that have worked since their inception. It is bridging the latest technology with historical methods, blending the best of the old world in the metaverse of today.

The Tesla Model-S was selected as the grand prize in the 99 NFT Chatex Robot challenge because it represents our users. They appreciate the latest technology, the best value, and the finer things in life. They are environmentally conscious, diverse global citizens, who work hard, and expect quality things that last. Moreover, it also mirrors the crypto community as the recent authority of Elon Musk has basically shifted the famous “when Lambo to “when Tesla”.

This way we’ve put the Tesla Raffle among all of the Chatex NFT owners on rails.

Grand prize: Tesla Model S

Participation Requirements: Ownership of at least one NFT copy from the “99 NFT Chatex Robots” collection.

Work on the Project

The only thing constant is change. The artistic realization of the Chatex 99 Robots project was the easy part. The talent and professionalism of the Chatex art director have allowed kicking the first changes off just a day before the challenge launch.

“I looked at our concept, compared it with other works on Rarible, and suddenly realized that we lacked a sound designer,” explains the Chatex art director. “Therefore, we in a hurry began to look for a person who could do the sound design. Fortunately, we quickly found a great specialist who is ready to go with us on a long trip”, he added.

So, one day before launching the 99 NFT Robots Challenge, the sound was added, and the evolution of the robots did not stop there. With the addition of new members to the art team, the ideas began to expand. Initially, only the Robot’s eyes would be animated, but as with any group, new ideas started to flow. Soon the slider appears in some of the cryptoarts, and the Robot begins to move in space. This slow progression of eyes opening to the slide, then onto natural movement is symbolic of how the Chatex team and projects are evolving. After all, it is change that makes us feel alive.

The team of artists took their inspiration from the slogan in the manifesto, “It’s okay to be abnormal.” The manifesto is written in accordance with the core values of Chatex:

Everyone is welcome and accepted into the Chatex family, regardless of their gender, race, creed, origin, social status, taste in music, sense of style, or any other segmented way we divide ourselves. All are welcome in the #ChatexFam! This diversity is represented in the Robots 99 Collection. Each Robot is unique and different from the others, with its striking characteristics, designed to evoke genuine emotions in the viewer and showcase the sentiment of the manifesto visually, celebrating diversity in ALL its forms.

Tokensale Robots Contest

Chatex user engagement was boosted even further by the Tokensale Robots Contest that raffled 6 Robot NFTs from our collection on Rarible. The distributed NFTs didn’t lose their value and significance as a lottery ticket for a Tesla Model S. The main idea was to give a real opportunity to win the electric car without spending a dime on NFTs (costing at least 0,099 ETH each).

The Robots contest within a contest has resulted in more than 1200 participants. You can only imagine how both contests run simultaneously boosted the Chatex brand awareness altogether.

Problems Appear

Initially, the project team underestimated the time resources required to build each NFT Robot. After the release of the 10th Robot, it became apparent that it was necessary to attract more labor resources to release a robot daily. The team was preparing for intensive work, but internal resources were still lacking. Therefore, several more artists joined the project, often engaged in parallel work on 4–5 robots simultaneously. In addition, the publishing system on the Rarible site, which was chosen as the location for the cryptoart, often failed, which also repeatedly hindered the team’s work.

Sometimes the team had to upload cryptoart well into the wee hours of the morning. Then the bull market, in the spring of 2021, caused difficulties with the high volatility of Ethereum, which affected the speed of uploading works to the site. Nevertheless, despite challenges, the team uploaded one cryptoart every day, as specified by the terms of the project.

First Big Success

Pixelord discovers the “99 NFT Chatex Robots” collection and offers to collaborate since he has experience in the field of NFTs. We were thrilled to welcome him, and it resulted in a domino effect leading to multiple artists from around the globe to begin working on the project. As word spread, artists from Mexico and South Korea joined as collaborators, and suddenly Chatex was popping up across the international stage. Due to the community’s diversity, there are some differences in assessing the quality of works by artists by region. We invite you to come and see who your favorite is. As you well know, in the world of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, making diversity even more crucial to reach a wider audience.

With our growing popularity, the next step began collaborations with major brands, beginning with the Bitcoin Pizza Day. The quintessential holiday for the Bitcoin community. Pizza Day celebrated the anniversary of the first BTC transaction for goods when 10,000 Bitcoin was sent as payment to purchase a single pizza! The “99 Chatex Robots” team released a special edition robot with a symbolic pizza collaborating with Dodo Pizza. Chatex and Dodo share the same values regarding openness, friendliness, loyalty, and support for their customers. The Dodo community introduced the Dodo Pizza Chatex Robot to their community, and they just went wild for it.

The next project that picked up the Chatex Robots on their radar was Riki, the parent company of the Kikoriki brand. The same brand that revolutionized Russian animation with the Kikoriki TV Series took the Kikoriki Chatex Robot to their community. Chatex, of course, introduced their global audience to the beloved animation brand in a massive windfall for both communities.


Now the team is developing a strategy for launching the second wave of Chatex robots with the NFT market trending mechanics. The Chatex team is confident that the purchase of “99 NFT Chatex Robots” cryptoart is a long-term investment that can pay off many years later because it is both an investment in a work of art and a recognizable fast-growing brand. This investment can be compared to buying original Walt Disney drawings in the 1930s. Perhaps then they cost almost nothing. Now their value has increased by thousands of percent.

The project team is happy with the result. “We didn’t just get into the NFT community, we did a straight-up CANNON BALL, made a huge splash, and now everyone who’s anyone in the NFT community knows us. In addition, we have fulfilled our main task — we have increased the recognition of the Chatex brand,” sums up the art director of Chatex proudly.

The path taken by “99 NFT Chatex Robots” demonstrates limitations only in our heads. By developing quick responses to the surrounding reality, we can reach truly transcendent heights and that there is no limit to improving our ideas.

Join “99 NFT Chatex Robots”, buy the works you like, and never stop your development. Dream bigger!

Chatex is here to make the entire DeFi world as simple, secure, and accessible for the global community as it can be.

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