How are we gonna scale? The Chatex Go-To-Market Strategy Explained!

The Chatex UVP’s!

Chatex Savings

Why choose Chatex for your savings? The Chatex Savings feature aims to remove the friction of;

  • spending valuable time delving into the workings of the various DeFi crypto protocols
  • researching all the different returns of hundreds of finance protocols
  • the need to learn all the different user interfaces of the various protocols
  • understanding and mitigating the risk of loss of funds or scams.
  • enjoying the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem

Chatex P2P Exchange

Chatex Borrow

Chatex Target Audience

  • Experienced traders and crypto enthusiast;
  • New entrants who are still unfamiliar with crypto and all its possibilities.

How does the product meet the needs of the Target Audience?

Why these markets?

Chatex Go-To-Market Stages

  • $CHTX listing on multiple CEXs and DEXs
  • CoinMarketCap airdrop
  • Lucrative referral system for utilizing the Chatex Savings feature
  • Charity Campaigns on Telegram Chatex Bot, where the main target markets are Vietnam, Africa, and Latin America focusing on lowering the entry barrier and showing how easy it is to use Chatex Cryptobank
  • Chatex hackathons for interoperability on various chat-based apps.
  • an intuitive and safe user interface reducing the steps and making complex tasks a breeze
  • fee-less and instant transfers straight from the dedicated Chatex app or Telegram
  • the option to save, lend or borrow against competitive rates
  • a safe way to transfer or invest large amounts of money with the trust of bank-level security!

Why will Chatex succeed?

Serving our customers with popular DeFi solutions and protocols is Reason 1 why Chatex will succeed!

Reason 2, focusing on the B2B retail market with Chatex Business

Powering the future with the $CHTX token

  • 340 000 registered users, which serves as our go-to-market
  • a turnover surpassing $165 million
  • an annual trading volume growth of 240%
  • direct access to onramps via bank accounts in an underserved market
  • the massive potential market of the Telegram user base of over 500 million users




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