How are we gonna scale? The Chatex Go-To-Market Strategy Explained!

12 min readSep 1, 2021


With your help, we’ve come a long way since 2017, when we first started working on realizing our vision of a fair and transparent cryptobank. Now, we are looking at a flourishing Chatex Cryptobank community of over 340 000 registered users, an annual volume growth of 204%, and a turnover surpassing $165million!

Time for the next step of our mission: scale our application and conquer the market by providing the world a smooth, seamless DeFi experience and connecting the worlds of DeFi and CeFi with our upcoming $CHTX token sale!

The interest in decentralized finance, known as DeFi, has since seen unprecedented growth and is reflected in borrowing, lending, and locked liquidity on the various DeFi crypto platforms. Currently a staggering $128 billion in total value is locked (TVL) in the top 100 DeFi protocols with a total market capitalization of $120 billion. The TVL further boosted by the steady lowering of interest rates at traditional banks, wherein DeFi crypto rates are more competitive ranging from 2% up to 12%!

While the growth and opportunities in DeFi crypto are apparent, there are still issues in DeFi for regular users, especially the technical and safety barriers. Therefore, we at Chatex believe that crypto and DeFi should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, by providing you a low-barrier entry to engage with cryptocurrencies and enjoy the benefits in a simple, reliable and secure way using the well-respected messenger platform Telegram.

Chatex aims to conquer the high barrier DeFi market by serving the existing 330,000+ user base and potentially up to 550 mln active Telegram users by providing them an accessible and straightforward entry with the Chatex Cryptobank to the growing opportunities within the digital asset era. Chatex will succeed under any market conditions because it combines security and accessibility with an intuitive user interface for a frictionless experience in an underserved market!

The Chatex UVP’s!

Since the inception of Chatex, we’ve managed to become the second-largest crypto wallet and peer-to-peer exchange app platform for Telegram. With the continuously growing opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem, we aim to provide a fast and secure way of storing, buying and selling, investing, exchanging, and earning passive income.

Our previous article outlined how easy it is to use our Chatex Savings feature in the all-to-familiar Telegram messenger app.

Chatex Savings

Why choose Chatex for your savings? The Chatex Savings feature aims to remove the friction of;

  • spending valuable time delving into the workings of the various DeFi crypto protocols
  • researching all the different returns of hundreds of finance protocols
  • the need to learn all the different user interfaces of the various protocols
  • understanding and mitigating the risk of loss of funds or scams.
  • enjoying the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem

Furthermore, it’s a known fact that traditional banks have been steadily lowering their interest rates over the years on saving accounts which sparked even more interest for DeFi opportunities. International banks are currently offering annual return rates below 1%, while the best DeFi crypto platforms are paying from 2% up to 12% on their savings accounts which backs up the growth of interest from investors searching for better yields outside traditional finance.

Chatex offers an APY of 7%(!) on the major stablecoins, which is unmatched by traditional banks and can increase to 25% utilizing the $CHTX tokens offered in our upcoming $CHTX initial dex offering (IDO).

Chatex P2P Exchange

With the Chatex P2P exchange, the need to have multiple exchange accounts and the frustration of having fragmented funds is now extinct. Instead, withdraw into your local fiat currency or buy and sell other cryptocurrencies just as easily as on centralized exchanges!

Chatex Borrow

Next to your savings account, where you can safely lend out capital and receive interest, you can also accept cash for your crypto without the risk of losing it, against flexible loan terms. The Chatex Borrow feature will allow anyone to borrow stable coins or $CHTX tokens with their capital as collateral, and holders of the native $CHTX token will also benefit from lower interest rates!

Chatex Target Audience

Since August 2019, Chatex has managed to reach a user base of 340,000+ and a turnover of $165 million and is one of the largest app-based crypto platforms for Telegram, with over 550 million monthly active users who are all potential Chatex clients! Our all-in-one solution serves as an accessible, safe, and simple cryptobank enabling people to interact in the realm of crypto easily. But after 3 years, we still have to acknowledge that Chatex operates in a severely underserved market while the need for accessible solutions is an open secret.

With the rise of the popularity and visibility of the crypto market, users can be categorised into two major groups:

  • Experienced traders and crypto enthusiast;
  • New entrants who are still unfamiliar with crypto and all its possibilities.

Experienced traders and enthusiasts already found their way in the jungle of crypto and thus have enough experience to safely use all the various platforms, wallets, and decentralized exchanges that crypto has to offer. But these multitudes of platforms like Compound and Maker force you to use an external app like MetaMask, for example, to interact with the DeFi ecosystem. Moreover, it requires a deep understanding of ordinary users’ wallets, keys, signing steps, commissions, and more. And at this point, the Chatex products significantly simplify the DeFi user experience for the profound crypto users.

While it’s a known fact that most people who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies experience more difficulties choosing solutions in DeFi or CeFi and thus miss out on the opportunities crypto offers, this group is still majorly ignored and underserved for its needs. With its simplicity, accessibility, and security, Chatex Cryptobank focuses on these two major groups by anticipating their specific needs and wishes.

How does the product meet the needs of the Target Audience?

By listening to the needs of both of these user groups, we can serve an application where they have all the benefits and possibilities within one place. The architecture of the Chatex Cryptobank is based on the mission to remove the additional steps and complex layers to serve an easy-to- use application, where anyone can store, send and receive, exchange, invest or save in a safely and securely.

Chatex Store
Interacting with crypto should start with a safe way of storing your hard-earned funds. There are, unfortunately, countless stories of users losing their funds after being hacked or locked out of their crypto wallets.

Storing your money should be easy and safe. By combining the security of Telegram with the two-factor authentication from Chatex, storing your cryptocurrencies in Chatex has the same security level as your bank card!

Chatex Send/Receive
Chatex provides instant money transfers to friends or family globally with no fees and offers 169 local currencies to make withdrawals. Simply by sending a message on Telegram!

The Chatex multi-currency wallet supports all the main coins and tokens. The ability to send and receive funds not only to your wallet address but also with a regular phone number, e-mail, or Telegram username making it accessible to anyone, anywhere!

Chatex Hybrid Exchange
One of the hurdles of buying and selling crypto is the vast amount of centralized and decentralized exchanges, platforms, and networks. It creates the need for many accounts and keeping track of your funds across these exchanges or platforms.

Using crypto shouldn’t be this hard! The Chatex P2P Hybrid Exchange offers a way to easily buy or sell crypto in your local fiat currency or swap/trade your coins in an instant with our unique any-to-any exchange in our fully-packed cryptobank!

The Chatex P2P exchange offers two ways of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Within the P2P marketplace, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in their local fiat currency, where Chatex provides an escrow service for safe transactions.

The second option is our crypto-to-crypto exchange which offers an experience similar to centralized exchanges with order books where you can buy or sell your cryptocurrencies with specific limit orders.

Chatex Savings and Chatex Borrow
Decentralized finance is becoming more popular because of the interesting aspects of leveraging your existing crypto funds and growing your capital without risking it in trading activities. However, despite the positive development of the user experience on DeFi crypto platforms, it still requires profound research and a deep technical and fundamental understanding of the DeFi ecosystem and its multiple functions. Chatex offers an easy and safe way to earn passive income on your crypto funds with the Chatex Savings feature. In addition, users can loan or borrow money from each other with competitive interest rates using the Chatex Borrowing product.

Why these markets?

In recent years DeFi has experienced exponential growth because of the potential of digital currencies and decentralized platforms compared to the outdated legacy financial system that is falling behind. Especially since the summer of 2020, DeFi has been growing at an impressive rate. Where users have been interacting with decentralized finance platforms by providing liquidity to markets, lending their funds, and earning yield in return or borrowing funds against collateral they own.

Since 2019, we have already conquered the emerging markets of Eastern European and CIS countries, so it’s time to go global. Based on three main pillars, simplicity, accessibility, and security, we aim to conquer the world with the Chatex Cryptobank.

It’s a fact, both retail and institutional investors are beginning to see the potential of the rise of decentralized finance. The DeFi paradigm has a laser focus on permissionless and inclusive services, all based on the blockchain. These updated financial services strengthen our belief in the need and viability of our Chatex Cryptobank application. A simple, reliable, and fast way to securely store, transfer, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Crypto is complicated; Chatex is not.

Chatex Go-To-Market Stages

Chatex Cryptobank’s primary focus is on offering ordinary users a fully loaded DeFi application with the possibilities of storing, transferring, saving, borrowing, lending and managing your assets in a simple, reliable, and fast way. The Go-To-Market strategy is a three-stage process with a marketing-intensive approach.

Stage 1 — New Features

Chatex already has over 340 000 users using our set of DeFi solutions to acquire, store and manage crypto assets in a simple, reliable, and safe way. The new Chatex Savings and Borrow feature will be promoted to the existing user base, incentivizing the $CHTX token to provide additional benefits utilizing Chatex Cryptobank.

Stage 2 — Intensive Marketing

Ahead of the $CHTX token sale, Chatex Cryptobank will almost reach its full potential in the conquered markets. Chatex already launched an extensive PR campaign by launching the 99 NFTS and a chance to win the Tesla Model S!

Other upcoming activities includes:

  • $CHTX listing on multiple CEXs and DEXs
  • CoinMarketCap airdrop
  • Lucrative referral system for utilizing the Chatex Savings feature
  • Charity Campaigns on Telegram Chatex Bot, where the main target markets are Vietnam, Africa, and Latin America focusing on lowering the entry barrier and showing how easy it is to use Chatex Cryptobank
  • Chatex hackathons for interoperability on various chat-based apps.

Stage 3 — Pushing Accessibility

Earlier, we outlined the common hurdles for regular users who interact with DeFi or CeFi solutions. The issues that hinder mass adoption range from technical barriers where ordinary users encounter challenges like researching technical and financial information to determine which platforms are safe to use, to high transaction costs that turn people off.

Chatex Cryptobank is in a unique position to take advantage of the rapidly growing DeFi market by simplifying and eliminating the complex layers and negative aspects associated with DeFi with our dedicated application that includes::

  • an intuitive and safe user interface reducing the steps and making complex tasks a breeze
  • fee-less and instant transfers straight from the dedicated Chatex app or Telegram
  • the option to save, lend or borrow against competitive rates
  • a safe way to transfer or invest large amounts of money with the trust of bank-level security!

Why will Chatex succeed?

The rise of DeFi shows no indication of slowing anytime soon, especially with the new US infrastructure bill confirming the raison d’être of crypto. But the barriers caused by the complexity of storing assets in safely without losing the funds or access to it, frequently faced high transaction fees or risk of losing investments, directly spotlights the high demand for a simple, reliable and secure way of engaging with cryptocurrencies.

By leveraging both layers of security encryption from Telegram and the option to enable your own two-factor authentication, we can provide you a secure experience similar to your bank account. Your money never leaves the safety of Telegram, trusted by a 500 million user base, and the Chatex Cryptobank’s over 340K+ users. Send your money safely between Chatex users and enjoy instant and feeless transactions compared to the high fees on Ethereum and other networks.

We already provide you an easy way to let your capital work for you without the need of doing extensive research and deep diving into the various ecosystems. No more technical DeFi jargon, allocating funds on different platforms, or trying to mitigate risks while searching for the best profit. Instead, Chatex will provide an easy solution where funds will be allocated automatically in a secure manner using the crypto wallet BitGo helping you participate carefree in the DeFi ecosystem and start receiving passive income.

Serving our customers with popular DeFi solutions and protocols is Reason 1 why Chatex will succeed!

The DeFi ecosystem keeps on evolving and creates new possibilities for everyone. So, on top of the new Savings and Borrowing features that will launch soon, Chatex will integrate major DeFi ecosystems like the popular Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). Therefore, the huge global crypto community will be able to capitalize on the most efficient DeFi products easily and securely via Chatex Cryptobank. As per our roadmap, the Binance and Huobi ecosystem integrations are confirmed for Q1 and Q2 2022.

Reason 2, focusing on the B2B retail market with Chatex Business

Furthermore, we offer businesses a way to receive cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. Chatex for Business is the way for store owners or any type of company to get exposure to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Just imagine a world where you can pay for any desired good via Telegram in seconds… or a few clicks.

Powering the future with the $CHTX token

Introducing the $CHTX token, a versatile utility token purposely designed to provide multiple benefits for holders using the existing and future Chatex Cryptobank functionalities. During the upcoming token sale rounds, also known as an IDO, participants will be able to acquire the $CHTX utility token that will make their interaction with Chatex Cryptobank more profitable.

The $CHTX token is a core part of our ecosystem where holders will enjoy lower fees and interest rates while rewarding the platform users for depositing, lending, or staking their funds. Read more about the various benefits in the dedicated tokenomics post!

Why will the demand for the $CHTX token increase over time?

Chatex already has:

  • 340 000 registered users, which serves as our go-to-market
  • a turnover surpassing $165 million
  • an annual trading volume growth of 240%
  • direct access to onramps via bank accounts in an underserved market
  • the massive potential market of the Telegram user base of over 500 million users

We are confident in achieving our scaling goals together with our existing community. All while serving $CHTX holders attractive benefits within the Chatex Cryptobank.


There is a positive outlook on the crypto and DeFi industries. The Chatex Cryptobank already fills the void of storing, sending, and exchanging digital assets in a safe, secure, reliable manner for 340 000 active users. Furthermore, with the extensive set of solutions like the Chatex Savings feature, users can enjoy passive income returns ranging from the base rate of 7% and up to 9% on the major stable coins by holding the $CHTX token, which will be available in our upcoming token sale. The token sale allows us to realize our Chatex Savings and Borrowings features and provide $CHTX holders with benefits while accessing the DeFi ecosystem in an accessible way. Crypto is hard; Chatex makes it easy.

See you at our upcoming $CHTX token sale!

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