Cryptobank Chatex Listed WAVES Token

As a part of a long-term partnership…

2 min readAug 20, 2021
Chatex and Waves

The Chatex team is happy to announce that we’ve listed the WAVES token on our platform.

WAVES has become the next token in Chatex.

Waves is an already renowned and trustworthy blockchain platform that supports various use cases, including decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. Waves’ native token is WAVES, an uncapped supply token used for standard payments such as block rewards. It’s noteworthy that Waves set out to improve on the early blockchain platforms and products. As a result, Waves’ token has a vast potential to grow and provides users with deep fiat integration and focus on community-backed projects.

Here are some facts about Waves:

  • Waves set out to improve on the early blockchain platforms and products. It aimed to appeal to prospective business clients looking to use blockchain to improve processes or create new services from the outset.
  • Waves supported smart contract and DApp development, ensuring that speeds and ease-of-use surpassed competition at the time. Since then, other products have appeared, including Gravity, a cross-chain and oracle network, and decentralized finance (DeFi) focused platform Neutrino.
  • WAVES, as a cryptocurrency on the market for over four years, is widely tradable on a large number of exchanges
  • At the time of writing WAVES ranks #51 on CMC.

Chatex’s main aim is to deliver our users the best coins in the market. And we ensure that WAVES is definitely one of them. So now, you can trade Waves in a simple, secure and accessible manner directly in Telegram. You can learn more about Waves here.

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