$CHTX SHO on Infinity Pad: Participation Guide

1. Register Account

Go to https://infinitypad.com to log in or register to your account

NOTE: Account credentials from DAO Maker can be used on Infinity PAD. Simply use the same login information.

2. Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet that you would like to participate with. You can choose from Metamask or Wallet Connect.

3. KYC

Pass your KYC check in order to register for any sale. You will need to complete your KYC before in order to be able to register for all Infinity Pad’s upcoming events. This has to be done once.

NOTE that if you have already completed KYC with DAO Maker, the above step should be disregarded.

4. Staking

Staking is an essential part to perform before registering for the sale. The staking process is now complemented by the IPAD Power system (henceforth we will call it iPower), which allows you to decide how much you would want to stake for each particular SHO and that will put you to the specific tier with varying chances of winning the allocation. This is the same as in DAO Maker.

-Participation Tiers-

Tier 5:

staking 25 000–50 000 $IPAD

Tier 4:

staking 50 000–100 000 $IPAD

Tier 3:

staking 100 000–200 000 $IPAD

Tier 2:

staking 200 000- 300 000 $IPAD

Tier 1:

staking 300 000 + $IPAD

  • You’re logged in
  • Your wallet is connected to the platform
  • You have completed KYC
  • You have enough IPAD Staked
  • You have enough iPower

5. Results

Once the registration for Chatex SHO is closed, the winners extraction process starts and runs for 3 to 6 hours. By then, winners will be displayed on the Infinity Pad platform and contacted via email.

6. Funding

After winning the SHO, users have 12 hours to contribute their BUSD. This step will be performed via InfinityPAD.com


Boost your chances of getting an allocation by participating in the Community Round ($5000 $CHTX allocation prize pool distributed across the 50 winners).



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