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Earn a private $CHTX allocation fairly

5 min readOct 21, 2021

Dear Community,

During the recent weeks, we’ve received many queries regarding participation in the $CHTX tokensale. Right now, the demand for the token sale is significantly higher than the Public Round allocation. Many of you asked us how to join the Private Sale or get a guaranteed allocation on the public sale. Also, many of you haven’t managed to get into the Public Sales on Chatex Bot,, and DAO Maker. We heard all of your concerns!

Considering this, we decided to launch several competitions by participating in which the most active community members will be able to win a guaranteed allocation of the varying sizes.

The first one was launched last week — Gif Contest!
The second one is launching right now. Chatex Trading Competition!

To participate in this event, register and verify an account on Chatex Cryptobank, complete the registration form, and start trading (see the detailed guide below).

Et voila! Rewards will go to the most active traders within the specified period, with allocations of different sizes for those who participate in the contest. We also have bonus rewards for other participants. So, everyone has a chance to shine as a Chatex trader!

Let’s get down to business!

What is Trading on Chatex Cryptobank?

The Chatex Cryptobank contains many product modules that qualify it as a cryptobank. The team has already built a set of solutions that help purchase, store, and manage crypto assets used by 375,000 people worldwide. In turn, the tools related to Earning and Lending will be realized in the nearest future, in 2021 and 2022 accordingly, thanks to our Tokensale event. Along with that, Chatex Cryptobank has one of the biggest p2p exchanges within its product line, which enables anyone to perform the following operations straight in Telegram easily and securely:

  • Buy / Sell

Buy or Sell cryptocurrency with any local fiat currency, trade your in-game items or gift cards, and get crypto. Choose a suitable offer and start the deal or post your ad and trade on your terms. All transactions are shielded with our Escrow and reputation systems.

  • Exchange

Manage your asset portfolio and swap your coins and tokens instantly with our unique any-to-any exchange to get more out of your crypto! No need to use other exchanges anymore. This service is top-rated among experienced traders who prefer P2P transactions.

So, it’s time for our best supporters to try our outstanding product, Chatex P2P Exchange, and earn a private allocation. Let’s go!

Rules & Conditions

💸 Prize Pool

$2000 in $CHTX allocation for the top 6 traders. (Meaning that if you win, you will get an opportunity to buy guaranteed $CHTX tokens according to the private sale conditions)

1st place — $600 allocation

2nd place — $500 allocation

3rd place — $400 allocation

4th place $300 allocation

5th place $100 allocation

6th place — $100 allocation

$1000 will be randomly allocated among 50 lucky traders who registered and performed at least 3 trades in the Chatex Cryptobank during the trading contest, excluding the winners.

🚀 Winners Selection

Winners are selected by having the Highest Trading Volume in da hood, yo!
(the highest trading volume among the contest participants during the competition period).

📆 Period

18:00 UTC, 21st of October — 23:59, UTC 28th of October (21.10–28.10)

👌Trading Pairs Allowed

Any crypto/crypto or crypto/fiat trading pair except excluded trading pairs ​​👇

🙅‍♀️Trading Pairs Excluded

Fiat/STABLECOIN (e.g. USDT, USDC, etc.)

📋Complete the Chatex Trading Contest Participation Form

The form is a requirement that goes hand in hand with the completed trades. It is essential for participants to fill in the form so we can monitor the contest activity.

How to trade and participate?

  1. Register in Chatex Cryptobank (Bot) or use your existing account
  2. Pass the Identity Verification. Go to Profile => Verification.
    Proof of Identity is the minimal requirement. Proof of Address is recommended.
    The higher verification you have, the higher your trading and withdrawal limits are. You can check your limits by clicking on Information => Limits.
  3. Pass the Registration Form.
  4. Deposit Money to your Chatex Account

To buy crypto from your credit card go to: Exchange -> Buy -> Select Currency of your choice -> Select the Currency from your bank account -> Select your Bank -> Choose a desired ad -> Buy

To transfer crypto from another wallet go to: Wallet -> Deposit -> Select Currency of your choice. We recommend using stable coins.

If you already have funds deposited on your Chatex Wallet, that’s even better! Less hassle for you)

5. Start Trading: Exchange -> Buy/Sell.

6. Track your performance via your User Profile and Leader Board posted by our team.

How to Track Your Trading Performance on Chatex?

  1. Go to the Profile section in your Chatex Account and find the “Trade Volume” variable as depicted below.

2. You can also generate reports in CSV or XLSX files for a certain period. To do this, go to Exchange => Report => Type of Report.

3. We will post a leader board outlining the best traders several times per the competition period to inform the community on the current status of the competition. Also, each trader can track his/her performance via their Personal Account analytics in the Chatex bot.

Winners Selection

We will select 6 winners according to their compounding trading volume at the end of the competition period. It signifies that the most active traders will get the highest allocation.

As for the rewards for each participant ($1000 Prize Pool), we will select the winners randomly from users who registered and performed at least 3 traders via the Chatex bot.

Have profitable trading.

Good luck!

Chatex is here to make the entire DeFi world as simple, secure, and accessible for the global community as it can be.

Don’t miss out — stay tuned to our updates in our Telegram group and Twitter. Just join us, and be ready for some great stuff!

Join Chatex and enjoy Simple, Secure and Accessible DeFi solutions!