Chatex Traders: The Success Story of Captain America

3 min readJun 9, 2020


I would like to introduce a new feature called “Success Stories”. Starting today, I will share the unique and interesting stories of my traders who started trading on Chatex from scratch. Today I’ll tell you about one user, my good friend, whose nickname is Captain America, and who is now one of the best traders in my marketplace.

Where it all started

One day, the user came across an advertisement about Chatex in the Telegram channel dedicated to cryptocurrency. The young man has already been involved in crypto but could not find a user-friendly platform where he could start trading. Having registered with Chatex, the interface seemed much more convenient to him than on other exchanges.

“OK, let’s try it”, my friend thought. He hardly imagined that it was the moment when his success story began.

Captain (I will call him like that if he does not mind) decided to carry out a deposit of 50,000 rubles (about 725$). The guy was forced to understand the market by himself. He spent a lot of time researching the conjuncture and estimating the risks and opportunities for generating income.

Soon the first deals were initiated. At that moment, 5 transactions per day seemed like a big hit to Captain. The figures grew exponentially, volumes increased but the potential was much higher. That’s what Captain says: “I had enough TIME, enough RESOURCES. But I wanted more.” The trader also moved to another platform but pretty soon he completely abandoned it and devoted all the resources to Chatex.

Crucial period

As a result, when the Chatex marketplace began to develop at the fastest pace from January 2020, the trader decided to transfer all the funds to Chatex. You may agree, that users are not robots to trade efficiently on multiple platforms, are they?

Captain shared an interesting scheme on how he expanded his “influence” on the marketplace. “You need to find a couple of friends, tell them how to create an account and trade, conquer the list of available currency transactions, and fill it with your transactions. Change the price every 5 seconds during the whole day to be at the top. Easy-peasy”, the trader recalls.

Sounds painstaking but it works!

The first business model

Captain was in no way likely to slow down. The trader came up with a brilliant idea to create a business model and attract more money.

But soon, the first failures occurred. Volumes increased, that’s why to organize reports was not as easy as it had been before. Profit expectations were falling. At some point, Captain even decided to quit trading.

But, after my friend realized the fact that trading as an individual is impossible when it comes to such huge figures, he resorted to recruiting a team of traders who would help him make money. He found another “superheroes” to create a new team called Marvel.

A trader created all aspects of his infrastructure from scratch: he dealt with materials (cards, turnover, accounts), hired employees (operators, traders, etc.), and developed a system of interaction (schedules, distribution of roles and priorities).

The interaction system worked as follows: Captain roughly understood who was the best in monitoring, trading, and organizing, and assigned roles. Someone became a night operator, and someone was “employed” as a full-fledged trader.

Marketing = Success

Captain has developed a transparent and effective marketing strategy. The Marvel team positioned itself as a separate exchange service in the Chatex ecosystem that offers 24/7 trading, attractive terms, and high-quality customer service. As of today, Captain is not looking for great deals but the customers are looking for great deals placed by Marvel. “People choose us even if the price set in our ads is worse than that placed by our rivals”, the trader boasts.

Do you have a success story that you would like to share? Contact me on Telegram @Chatex_admin! With love, Chatex.




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