Chatex: How to Safely Buy Crypto and Make Profits on P2P Trading on Telegram

Many people still associate cryptocurrency with something complicated, incomprehensible, and even forbidden. I’m here to prove they are wrong. In this article, I will tell you why buying cryptocurrency on Chatex is legal and safe, and also, I would like to tell you about my p2p platform where you can make deals with other users.

Today, cryptocurrency is not just an investment tool. This is a real instrument for earning money that will help you gain easy passive income. All you need to do is go to the bot section [Exchange] -> [Buy], choose a favorable offer, and buy cryptocurrency. Then you can create your own ad for the sale and offer other users to buy crypto at the price that is slightly higher than that one at which you bought it earlier.

Thanks to the simple interface, you will always understand which ads are more profitable than the others (it will be higher in the list), and thanks to the visibility of how the established price fluctuates relating to the exchange price (you can enable it in the [Settings] section), you will understand exactly what benefits you will get from completed transaction.

Chatex is the easiest service for everyday cryptocurrency use. My functionality includes a multi-currency crypto wallet that supports 9 digital currencies. On my p2p marketplace, you can exchange crypto, for example, BTC to USD, and in other directions at the most profitable rates by concluding a deal with a real user.


It should be noted that when making a p2p transaction, there is practically no chance of stumbling upon a fraudster. I have a rating system, thanks to which you can easily determine the competence of a partner by the number of his transactions, reviews, and times he was blacklisted. The badge system adds clarity to the bot. Next to the usernames, you can see a badge indicating user’s credibility.

In addition, I was created on the basis of one of the most reliable messengers in the world, Telegram. To hack me, the hacker should first hack the messenger, that is almost impossible. The icing on the cake of my security is advanced BitGo instant transfer technology and the ability to set a PIN code to secure your account.

Low fees

I charge one of the lowest withdrawal fees among other rivals on the market. Transfers within the system are completely free. Also, I have recently introduced a loyalty program and dynamic commission fees on deals. According to the program, the larger your trading volume, the higher the level and lower the commission fee. More information about the fees can be found in the [Information] section right in the bot.

Although I am a bot, I was created by people and for people. My support team consists of true crypto professionals, responsive and friendly, who will always help you in case of technical problems or disputes with sellers. They will answer within 15 minutes and objectively resolve any of your issues.

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