Chatex GIF Contest

Allowing the Most Creative Investors to Show Off

3 min readOct 14, 2021

The last two $CHTX tokensale rounds are around the corner, so we’ve decided to make some noise in our community by hosting a new creative contest: Chatex GIF Contest! It might be your last chance to buy $CHTX before listing!

The results of the last $CHTX tokensale on DAO Maker have proven that there’s much more demand for the token than supply. The vast need for $CHTX is just one more reason why we are starting this contest. We will reward the most active and creative community members with an opportunity to invest in $CHTX before listing.

Contest Details

Prize Pool: $1500 in allocation*

Date and contest duration: 10.14–10.31

(10.14 — 10.28: submission; 10.29 — 10.31: voting)

*allocation means the ability to buy tokens

The premise is simple:

  • Make a Chatex related GIF
  • Post your GIF on Twitter as a Quote Tweet of the contest announcement
  • Send your GIF to our Telegram Chat (the group members will love it!)
  • Complete the form
  • Get into the TOP 10 submissions (picked by the Chatex team)
  • Get rated by the Chatex community.
  • Victory!

To ease your way through the competition, we will document the contest rules in this article.

To enter the competition, you will need to create a GIF and attach it to the “quote tweet” of the announcement. However, you are free to quote tweet as much as you want to upload several GIFs.

If you are unfamiliar with “quote tweets”, consider checking out this official Twitter guide 👇

Step-By-Step Participation Guide

  1. Follow us on Twitter and put your user handle in the form.
  2. Tweet your GIF as a quote tweet of the contest announcement, including #Chatex_GIF and $CHTX. The GIF should relate to Chatex. Any submission containing obscenity, nudity, racism, or other forms of hate speech/discrimination is severely unacceptable. To get an example of the applicable content, check out the content we’ve posted on our Twitter 😉.
  3. Join our official Chatex Telegram Chat and the Announcement Channel. Share your GIF with our Community in the chat!
  4. Again, don’t forget to include #Chatex_GIF and $CHTX in your tweet.
  5. Put the link to your tweet or tweets as well as the Telegram Chat message in the contest form.
  6. Start the Chatex bot and verify your account; subscribe to our Telegram Chat and the Announcement Channel. Provide your Telegram username.
  7. Add $CHTX to your Watchlist on CoinMarketCap.
  8. Make sure that you’ve filled the contest form. Any user that hasn’t documented their actions in the form will not be considered a participant and forfeit any winnings…

Winners Selection and Prize Pool

We will go through every entry and select the 10 best tweets to publish as a Twitter thread. Then the creators enter the community voting in our Telegram Chat. The winner prize pool tiers will be distributed according to the number of votes — the more votes you get, the higher your rating.

The $1500 CHTX allocation prize pool is segmented into 10 rewards:

1st place: $400 CHTX allocation

2nd place: $300 CHTX allocation

3rd place: $250 CHTX allocation

4th place: $100 CHTX allocation

5th-10th place: $75 CHTX allocation

Remember, this might be your last chance for getting Chatex Allocation before the exchange listing!

Good luck with the contest!

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