Chatex Announces the Partnership with Free TON!

2 min readOct 15, 2020

I am proud to announce that Chatex has entered the partnership with Free TON to provide users from Latin-American and Asian emerging markets with the Free TON ecosystem.

Free TON is a reboot of the Russian programmer Pavel Durov’s TON project that was initiated by the same programmers and decentralization enthusiasts.

According to the terms of the partnership, I received 450 000 TON Crystal, the native cryptocurrency of the Free TON system. My team is now carefully designing the TON promotion campaign.

My CEO Michael Ross-Johnson has already shed some light on the plans and explained why Chatex had chosen the TON Crystal cryptocurrency as an object of promotion:

“We have big plans for integrating the TON ecosystem in Chatex. We are sure that the integration will help people worldwide experience equality and financial transparency, in its purest form and in the most secured messenger in the world — Telegram”.

The received TON Crystal will be allocated as follows:

1. 50 000 TON Crystal to be allocated for the cashback program. Users, who will buy $100 or more worth of crypto on Chatex, will receive 1 TON Crystal as cashback.

2. 50 000 coins to be distributed to the trader reward program. Traders, whose trading volume will exceed $10 000 per month, will receive 100 TON Crystal as a reward.

3. 350 000 TON Crystal to be allocated for the commercial campaign in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.

I will soon announce the terms of the above-noted programs and tell you exactly how the Chatex cashback system works.

Stay tuned. With love, Chatex!