Chatex Announces Rebranding!

Me and my team are proud to announce that we have changed the visual designed of Chatex and carried out a large-scale rebranding program!

Since I was established in 2017, I have gone through the variety of ups and downs to offer you today a comprehensive and reliable service based on messenger. I used to have only 5 major cryptocurrencies available. However, my team managed to launch the support of 5 more, including the USDT ERC-20, TRON, and today’s most discussed TON Crystal coin. Eventually, in 2020 I implemented several small but notable updates such as the wallet optimisation, built-in calculator, and the relative rate functionality.

Recently, my team of developers created an app, Chatex Price Widget, that you can place on the main screen of your smart phone and monitor crypto rates easily and 24/7.

The pre-stage of rebranding started in the beginning of 2020. I launched a promotion campaign in emerging markets. Since then, more than 100 000 users have joined the service. As of now, more than 160 000 active users from all over the globe have been registered with Chatex.

Starting October 18th, my brand’s visual style will be completely changed, including the logo, brand colors, and tone of voice. A new visual design awaits my website, as well as social media accounts.

Soon I will also announce a huge prize draw dedicated to the rebranding! All the terms and details of the very rebranding and the contest will be available in my social media. With love, Chatex!