About the Situation with User Funds

Our legal entities, bank accounts and crypto wallets were sanctioned by the USA

2 min readNov 10, 2021

What does “to get under the sanctions” mean?

This means an outright ban on any transactions, including the conclusion of contracts and agreements, payment or receipt of payment from the sanctioning company or entity.

This means that Chatex cannot pay for any third party services that support its operations. There are plenty of significant services of this kind: for instance, a custodian service, servers, services for verifying KYC / AML users, gateways for sending SMS, and so on.

Therefore, the work of the service was technically impossible and was suspended.

What about money?

User funds are safe. This is the main point.

When will you be able to get access to them?

We are not able to give you a concrete date and time. Even an approximate one. Too little time has passed to clarify all legal issues. Most likely, full access to funds will become possible after the sanctions are lifted.

Why can’t we get a refund right now?

All funds are now divided into three categories:

  1. Coins that are blocked by the custodian service and there is simply no access to them.
  2. Coins whose addresses are clearly included in the sanctions list and the movement of these funds will be a direct violation of the sanctions regime with the most serious consequences.
  3. Coins whose addresses are not included in the sanctions list, but are included in the Chatex cluster in AML screening systems. The movement of these funds will lead to their subsequent blocking on any other exchange. In addition, AML screening does not work and we cannot provide a compliant withdrawal procedure.

We work as closely and productively as possible with lawyers to find a solution for a quick and legitimate return procedure.

Chatex has always been known for its great care for its users. This is our top priority even in the current situation.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Your Chatex