Our legal entities, bank accounts and crypto wallets were sanctioned by the USA

What does “to get under the sanctions” mean?

This means an outright ban on any transactions, including the conclusion of contracts and agreements, payment or receipt of payment from the sanctioning company or entity.

This means that Chatex cannot pay for any third party services that support its operations. There are plenty of significant services of this kind…

Earn a private $CHTX allocation fairly

Dear Community,

During the recent weeks, we’ve received many queries regarding participation in the $CHTX tokensale. Right now, the demand for the token sale is significantly higher than the Public Round allocation. Many of you asked us how to join the Private Sale or get a guaranteed allocation on the…

Allowing the Most Creative Investors to Show Off

The last two $CHTX tokensale rounds are around the corner, so we’ve decided to make some noise in our community by hosting a new creative contest: Chatex GIF Contest! It might be your last chance to buy $CHTX before listing!

Dear Chatex community members!

Finally, after several weeks of the nerve-wracking silent period that was hard to go through for all of us, investors and followers included, we are ready to bring some light to the situation that forced us to put the two remaining tokensales on hold.

First of…

Solving Financial Problems Efficiently in a Simple Way

In the modern world, it can be quite difficult to keep up with all the rapidly developing technologies and choose an innovative tool that will help you to achieve your goals quickly, easily and without knowledge barriers. This is the exact situation we are seeing right now in the crypto…

The NFT market is snowballing, drawing the attention of art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and artists, as well as ordinary people interested in non-standard investments and the purchase of valuable objects. Nevertheless, only a few brands have achieved success and recognition in this area so far. …


The simplest neobank on Telegram

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